How to add news into the user interface


How to add news into the user interface
  1. Go to the page for adding and editing news by clicking on the “News” link in the menu on the left.
  2. To add news, click “Add news”.
  3. Fill in the “Headline” field.
  4. Enter a short description of the news in the “News preview” field. The text entered in the “Headline” and “News preview” fields will be displayed on the “News” page.
  5. Fill in the “Full text” field. You can add images, insert videos, format text here using different styles of design. The text from this field will only be visible when you open the page with the news.
  6. Add a background for the news headline by clicking “Select the main picture”.
  7. Place a check mark near the names of the clubs where the news story will be posted.
  8. Place a check mark near the “Post” field to make the created news story appear in the user interface immediately after saving.
  9. Click “Add” to save the news story.
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