Senet PC park management platform features



Client base collection

  1. Accounts database. To register the client has to enter his/her e-mail address, birthdate, name, and telephone. Use client data to improve the quality of services.
  2. General database of accounts of users for all the network of the club. Clients of the internet center can feel comfortable in any of center of your network since the account created in one of the centers will be valid in the other places of the network.

Internet center management

    1. Allocation of PCs to clients without the participation of the administrator. Log in using a check or personal account. Use the code from the check to enter the system or to replenish the registered account.
    2. Setting up a discount system for regular clients. The system allows you to set up a system of discounts for regular clients or individual groups of users.
    3. The limited or permanent package offers in the form of subscriptions. The system provides the ability to create subscriptions – prepaid time packages.
    4. Monitoring of internet center capacity in real time. Using the “Interactive Map” module you can review the load of the clubs on a real-time basis. In this case, the “Map” allows you to get information about what users are in the center and what PCs they are using, the time of the beginning of the session and the remaining time till the end of the session, their level and discount provided.
    5. Detailed statistical data. Using the “statistical data” module, you can monitor the dynamics of attendance, identify peak areas, use the information to improve the quality of provided services. Statistical data are updated on a real-time basis.
    6. Monitoring of the amount of revenue in cashboxes of the computer centers. Using the “Monitoring” module in real-time, you can watch the proceeds at the cash boxes of each center. Get information about the time of opening of cash boxes and the cashiers who opened them.
    7. Accounting of the proceeds of cashboxes with reference to club employees.
    8. Flexible customization of tariffs. Set up specific tariffs for different gaming zones, per each center, and per user categories.
    9. Ability to adjust different price zones within the same computer center.
    10. Modern comfortable user interface. Our easy intuitive interface will allow you to enjoy time spent in the internet center. You will get free access to all the necessary applications, games and saved documents!
    11. Limitation of users` access to important sectors and system files. Blocking of users` access to important system sections will allow for steady operation of the system and the center.
    12. Automatic starting and configuration of servers in the cloud storage. When you register an organization in the Senet system, servers in the cloud storage are automatically created for you.
    13. Access to the club management panel from any part of the world. (Mobility) You don`t need any additional equipment anymore to install the server. Servers are located on a remote server and operate in automatic mode 24/7 365 days a year. You can get access to the control panel of the internet center using any device that has access to the Internet and supports modern browsers!
    14. Web-cashbox. The module for generating checks and accounting for revenue is located in the cloud. You don`t need to install additional software. It would be sufficient to have a browser and access to the Internet.
    15. Flexible setting of rights of access to the management system for club staff. Set up access rights to the club management system for employees in accordance with their job duties. Nothing extra, only the necessary.
    16. Console support. Support of accounting and time pricing on video game consoles. (PS3, PS4, XBOX One, XBOX360)

And more

  1. “News” section in the user interface. Post news, announcements, event reports, promotions and hot offers, and each visitor will see them in the interface. The “News” section supports text formatting, image insertion, hyperlinks, and it is compatible with the Youtube platform (embedded video).
  2. Support for Windows 10 x 64. The modern system, which supports latest version of the OS.
  3. Compatibility with FaceIt and other modern gaming platforms.
  4. Automatic issuance of licensed games (supports Steam, Origin, Blizzard).
  5. High capacity of workstations management. The function of PC booking, alerts to users, remote activation, shutdown, PC restarting, starting of technical accounts for support.
  6. Possibility to introduce corporate style in the design of user interface.
  7. 24-hour technical support and continuous improvement of the system.
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