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Interactive map

Monitor the PC park loading, users’ time left, book PC, change its position on the map.

Game license distribution

Give access to new games to those visitors who don’t have their own game accounts or keys. Attract more visitors with possibility to play famous game titles.

Finances and staff control

Control all the transactions in your сomputer center and trace the income dynamics with the detailed statistics. No payment will bypass.

Comprehensive statistics

Analyze attendance of your gaming center and what content is the most popular. Download detailed reports on cashier and replenishment operations.


Built-in loyalty system
Form in visitors a habit to come to your gaming center more often with the help of individual discounts they can get with every visit.

Flexible pricing
Create different prices for different groups of PCs or weekdays to attract visitors during the time with lower commitment.

Modern user-friendly interface
News feed, easy one-click access to the favorite games, personalization and personal accounts for the users with loyalty system designed according to the latest trends in usability and user experience.

Easy communication with the visitors
Inform your visitors of important news (tournaments, new games, etc) with the help of the news feed right after the log in to the account.



PC park monitoring

Each computer is displayed in the system according to its location on the map of the center, which allows you to monitor everything that happens in the location on a real-time basis.

24/7 support

Senet team is ready to help you 24/7. We have been managing our own cybercafé network for 7 years and we are ready to share our own experience.

Different access levels

Differentiate and protect the data from the the company’s account with the help of flexible access levels. You can show to your staff only that parts of PC park management software that refer to their work and responsibilities.




clients worldwide


years of cyberclub management experience



ENESTECH Software solutions are based on Microsoft Azure technologies. This the way we can create a separate cloud-based server for every client that is available for usage 99,95% of time. Guaranteed by Microsoft.

You need a lot of financial resources to buy physical servers for internet center servicing which makes it difficult to open a new one. However, if you use cloud solution, you don’t need to worry about that. The cloud server allows to minimize maintenance costs.

This technology also has the following advantages:
– Clients’ data are stored on secured from unauthorized access highly reliable devises;
– The data can be quickly restored due to special back-up system.

Cloud server provides an excellent opportunity for fast automatic scaling of resources regardless of configuration of the hardware installed in the internet center. It doesn`t entail any changes in pricing plans for using the Senet platform.

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