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Features of ENESTECH Senet

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Features of ENESTECH Senet


Interactive internet center map

Trace the PC park commitment, users’ time left and content they prefer.

Game license distribution

Give the access to new games to those visitors who have no own game accounts or keys. Attract more visitors with possibility to play famous game titles.

Finances and staff control

Control all the transactions in your сomputer centre and trace the income dynamics with the detailed statistics. No payment will bypass.

Comprehensive statistics

Analyze attendance & clubs load information, data on most popular content, You can also download detailed reports on cashier and replenishment operations.


Built-in loyalty system

Form in visitors a habit to come to your gaming center more often with the help of individual discounts they can get with every visit.

Flexible pricing

Create different prices for different groups of PCs or weekdays to attract visitors during the time with lower commitment.

Modern user-friendly interface

News feed, easy one-click access to the favourite games, personalization and personal accounts for the users with loyalty system designed according to the latest trends in usability and user-experience.

Easy communication with the visitors

Inform of the important news (tournaments, new games, etc) with the help of news feed in user interface. So that every visitor will see all the necessary information right after log in to the account.

Technical maintenance

PC park monitoring

Each computer is displayed in the system according to its location on the map of the center, which allows you to monitor everything that happens in the location on a real-time basis.

24/7 support

Senet team is ready to help you 24/7. We have been managing our own cybercafé network for 7 years and we are ready to tell you about any special aspects of the promotion, management and other issues based on our own experience.

Different access levels to the managing account

Differentiate and protect the data from the the company’s account with the help of flexible access levels. You can show to your staff only that parts of PC park management software that refer to their work and responsibilities.

Protection from absence of Internet connection

All the information from the account is duplicated to the proxy-server (apart from cloud-based server) to give the opportunity to work even when the Internet connection is lost.

Examples of Senet interface

Content page

Add the games and programms to all the PCs simultaneously.

User interface homescreen

All the necessary in formation is always at hand.

Statistics and Reports

Detailed real-time analytics of what is going on in the ceneter (visitors, avarage check, income, etc.)

Interactive map

Monitor the capacity of the internet center or even a network of centers.

Balance History

Every user can trace the transactions in his account

Loyalty programm

With every spent hour in the internet cafe the user gains more points to his account level and receives a chance to get personal discounts.

Feedback system

The visitor can send a message to the administration right from his account.

ENESTECH Technologies

ENESTECH Software solutions are based on Microsoft Azure technologies. This the way we can create a separate cloud-based server for every client that is available for usage 99,95% of time. Guaranteed by Microsoft.

All the data is saved at two servers simultaneously (cloud + proxy) to provide the client with offline work if necessary. This help also to recover the data version for any period of time with a 5 minute interval during the last 30 days. And SSL/TLS traffic encoding provides the security and data confidentiality.

System requirements for Senet work:
Windows 7/8/10, 1Ghz or faster CPU, 2GB or more RAM 300MB free disk space, keyboard and mouse, constant internet connection

Accompaniment by a team of technical specialists

The ENESTECH team is ready to answer any questions regarding the process of deploying and setting the PC park management platform or working with it. We are always right beside you in any convenient messenger.

Telegram-channel of technical support ENESTECH


Who is using Senet already?

Alexander Shutka

IT-Land gaming centers network manager.

When I got to know about Senet, I’ve already had 4 gaming centers, that implied great resources both financial and in staff.

Now with ENESTECH we arranged the feedback system with the visitors. All the offers are sent right to the company’s account. We always know what we need to improve and what game licenses to buy. And constant visitors are motivated to come more often because the price for them is lower due to high level in loyalty system.

Also it is convenient that we can add or remove a game from the menu on any computer in a click, without the necessity to call a technician and set every PC separately.

Aleksey “WhiteRa” Krypnik

Twitch coordinator in CIS region, owner of the Skill gaming center.

In 2016 I decided to start a new gaming center in Odessa. I thought it to become a place that will unite all the gamers, not only separate players.

One can not only play here, but also watch tournaments broadcasts, or stream games on Twitch.

Senet helped me to start this cybercafe in 2 days! There were no long settings. Just buying PCs, deploying the soft and we were ready to welcome new visitors. And the working process can be monitored from any place with Internet connection.

Start using Senet right now and get 2 weeks for free

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